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Episode 42: The Podcast at the End of the Universe

Somehow we’ve made it this far. No Justin this week, but Rob actually pays attention and contributes, so that more than makes up for it. So what do we talk about? Not Batman v Superman, because we recorded this a couple days before it came out. I think we talked about stuff Rob liked and forgot to mention over the last several episodes.



Episode 41: Tonight… You!

We’re back from our traditional four month long holiday break. Kintinue is back with us for the fourth time, which is pretty amazing. We even live streamed recording the show, so there’s some audience interaction, which was pretty cool. And Rob managed to totally forget everything he was excited about. So here they are, inContinue Reading

Episode 40: Grognak for President 2280

Kyle is sick and doesn’t talk much here, so that’s good. As for the bad, Kyle does talk some. Also, Rob made a joke that wasn’t funny and in a rare display of empathy, made him feel bad almost as soon as he told it. The joke was in reference to Kripsy and this week’sContinue Reading

Episode 39: Kintinue says, “Dammit, Kyle!”

Episode 39? Where the hell is episode 38? Vanished into thin air, my friends. But really, Krispy’s software totally shit the bed and lost it. But that’s cool because that just means we have our very first two time guest, Kintinue. Well, two times as far as we’re concerned. As far as you’re concerned, thisContinue Reading

Episode 37: Piper’s Pit of Collectibles

So, here’s a spoiler warning. In this podcast, Rob spoils the ending to the 1988 movie, They Live. But let’s get real here for a minute. If you haven’t seen They Live yet, then what the hell are you doing listening to this podcast instead of watching it right the fuck now? Seriously, go watchContinue Reading