Episode 22: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Don’t let the title worry you, we’re not gonna get all date rapey in this episode. There’s nothing in that drink and frankly, I think we’d all be better off if we called it a night and went home to our respective beds. But before we do that, let’s give a listen to the latest show!

In this episode, Rob talks a lot about the games he’s been playing and the horrible, terrible things he’s done to them. Things that are illegal in Utah. We talk about tv shows and some movies. And for the record, the movie as part of a double feature that Rob saw that he couldn’t remember was Thor: the Dark World. He liked it a lot, better than the first and he’s very sorry he forgot to mention it.

Pro-tip: Listen to the Dorkgasm podcast as you unwrap your Christmas presents for a special, bonus dose of holiday cheer!

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