Episode 29: Bangarang

Krispy picked the name for this episode, in honor of Robin Williams. I liked Hook and all, but for me (Rob), that isn’t the role that I most identify with him. When I was very, very young Mork & Mindy was on and I fucking loved that show. I even had the rainbow suspenders. But my absolute favorite movie he made was Popeye. I remember I saw it at the drive in movie theater and I couldn’t have been more than 4 or 5 years old. But I distinctly remember it, as well as the fact that it was part of a double feature, with Airplane! being the second flick. Being so young, I thought Airplane! was going to literally be different pictures of airplanes.

Anyway, Popeye. Sure, it wasn’t his best movie. They ran out of money and the ending was cheesy and sucked pretty hard. But goddamn it if he wasn’t fucking Popeye. I loved those cartoons and remember watching them on Sunday mornings on channel 11, so to see that character brought to life so fucking perfectly is something that still makes me smile.

In happier news, this episode features exactly zero Kyle.

What do you think?

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