Episode 32: Millenium hand and shrimp

I took the news of Terry Pratchett’s death pretty hard. I’ve read all the Discworld books multiple times, which is something I suggest you all do. The first couple start out as just straight up parodies of fantasy novels, but at around the third book the series takes off into it’s own direction. I (semi) jokingly suggested to my wife that we name the kid either Carrot, Sam Vimes, or Vetinari. To be honest, I would have been happy with any of them. She flat out dismissed Carrot and Vetinari because she has no heart. Sam Vimes came closest to making the cut (which still wasn’t very close), but got eliminated because her brother’s middle name is Samuel.

Anyway, it was truly a sad day when I realized I’ll never read new adventures of the City Watch or find out what the Patrician’s master plan is leading to or what city service Moist Von Lipwig will take over next.

What do you think?

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