Episode 39: Kintinue says, “Dammit, Kyle!”

Episode 39? Where the hell is episode 38? Vanished into thin air, my friends. But really, Krispy’s software totally shit the bed and lost it.

But that’s cool because that just means we have our very first two time guest, Kintinue. Well, two times as far as we’re concerned. As far as you’re concerned, this is her first appearance, which makes this episode extra collectible.

And for the record, I said to name episode 38 (before we knew it didn’t exist) “Kintinue says, ‘Dammit, Kyle!'”. Krispy is the one that decided to be lazy and reuse the unused episode title. I wanted to call this “Devil Cum”, so it is probably better that he won.

What do you think?

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