We’re a group of nerds who record a podcast and review movies, TV, comic books, video games, and anything else that catches our attention.

Krispy – Jack of All Trades. The man to go to for up-to-date information on TV shows, movies, and gadgets. He’s our resident graphic designer, video editor, and host of “Gaming with Evelyn” and “Krispy Plays” series. He also updates the website and never sleeps.

Kyle – The Punching Bag. The gaming geek of the group. A new game’s coming out? Odds are Kyle knows when, for how much, what genre it is, what comes with the special edition, and tons of other things no normal person should give a crap about. Kyle handles the “Swag Bag” segment.

Rob – The Main Man. Rob is the glue that holds this group of misfits together. Outside of recording the podcast though…yeah, he’s not good for much. Rob is also the man behind the “Rob Rants” segment…big surprise.

Justin  – The Urban Legend. You think you’ve seen or heard anything from or by Justin? Next you’ll say you saw Sasquatch. Host of the infamous “Justin is a Horr-or” segment.

What do you think?

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